Coming Spring 2021 – a different take on the garden room

Remember the simplicity and ingenuity of early mechanical engineering – roman plumbing, aqueducts, dumbwaiters, steam trains and hidden drawers in puzzle furniture.  Now imagine the feeling you have after a day spent outside in nature, the sounds of birds, the smell of plants and the feel of natural materials in your hands.  

Our passion is to bring together these worlds to give you a place where you feel healthy and ideas flow easily.  By combining high quality design and engineering with our love of the outdoors, we’re making a garden room that adapts to how you use it throughout the day and over the years.  

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We want to provide people with joyful places that they can make their own and that change with them as they grow.

We believe outdoor living spaces should do clever things that make them better to use and more fun to be in; with furnishings that interact with you, changing or folding away to move from home office to guest room to cinema.  Spaces that open to the outside and then close up to be cosy depending on your mood and preference; for us it’s about more than just escaping the chaos, it’s about creating life-enhancing spaces.